Article for The DCist: Maryland singer Reesa Renee’s new EP

Lovers Rock EP Cover

Check out my latest article for The DCist on Maryland soul singer Reesa Renee. She has a new EP out called “Lovers Rock” today (you can listen to it on Spotify) and she’ll be at an album release party tonight at The Huxley on M Street in D.C.

Read the full article and here’s a snippet from it:

“Lovers Rock” is firmly rooted in the present. While Renee keeps her soulful vocals, the jazz and go-go influences make way for more contemporary R&B rhythms that shift her closer to Tinashe or Rochelle Jordan rather than Erykah Badu or Jill Scott.

For a love album, the high energy is decidedly refreshing; there aren’t any soaring ballads or heart-wrenching pleas, but there’s still a tenderness and deliberateness that comes through the heavy bass beats and curling synths. Highlights include the hypnotic “Controversial,” the jazzy pop flair of “Hello Mama” and the fast-paced reverence of “God Energy.”

Watch Reesa Renee’s “Got Me Loose.”


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