How it all started

“So Teta…what’d you think?”

My friend wanted to know my thoughts on The Wombats’ debut album. It was ninth grade and we were sitting in the house during “Aida” rehearsal, sharing earbuds while listening to the album on Sophie’s iPod. The moment sparked a love for British rock bands and music journalism.

Since then, I’ve moved from upstate New York to Washington, D.C., hosting a radio show for seven semesters as an American University student and writing about music for local publications such as WAMU’s Bandwidth, The DCist, American University’s and The EagleI was also an editorial assistant for and have written for Nylon and Bandcamp Daily.

Writing about music prepared me for the wider world of journalism, from interviewing artists in a wide range of genres to meeting deadlines and working with editors. One of my favorite pieces happened after I interviewed a rapper on Facetime because at the time, I was studying abroad in London and he was in the D.C. area — the interview almost went to midnight my time.

Branching from music journalism, I’ve written for WTOP-FM’s website about local news. I’ve also interned at NBC Washington’s digital desk and Current, an online and print news publication on public media.

It’s been years since I’ve listened to The Wombats’ album — my music tastes have heavily evolved — but every once in a while, I’ll listen to “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” and remember how I got started.


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