Concert Review: Ibeyi @ U Street Music Hall


Twin sisters Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz of Ibeyi.

This is a bit of a #FlashbackFriday post since I never got to share my thoughts on seeing the wonderful duo Ibeyi. They came to U Street Music Hall last March, three days after my birthday so it was a real treat. March was really such an amazing month for shows; I saw Kindness, Ibeyi and Jessie Ware all within basically the same week and while it was a sensory overload, I enjoyed the best week of concerts. Ibeyi’s opener was Flo Morrissey, a British singer-songwriter who I’ve heard of briefly on Soundcloud. I wondered who chose her as an opener because she really did not match the energy and panache that Ibeyi showed later on. Morrissey was incredibly dour and almost dead – I got flashbacks to the Jake Bugg concert from my sophomore year where it was just emotionless crooning. Maybe it was the jetlag or maybe it was first-time performance jitters, but her nonexistent enthusiasm matched the audience’s. She was not energetic or inspiring, which made me question how she even got to open for such an amazing headlining act like Ibeyi. Thankfully, the main act saved the night and played a vivacious, captivating set that had the crowd moving and shouting along non-stop. It was clear that they had passion for their music and also for their performance; they did not hold back on swaying to the beat or getting the audience to sing along with them. For their first North American tour, they were naturals. Afterwards, when I got to meet with them, I really couldn’t stop thanking them for how wonderful they were. Here’s a snippet of how the concert went: I can’t wait for their next album and their return to the U.S.! Hopefully, when they come back, they’ll have an opener who’s more on their level!


With the (signed!) setlist!

IMG_2020 IMG_2022 IMG_2024 IMG_2025 IMG_2031 IMG_2042 IMG_2052

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