Article for Bandwidth: Interview with Priests for Sister Polygon


The members of punk band Priests are also running their own record label.

D.C. punk band Priests also has its own record label that just put out its 10th release! Check out my interview with members Katie Alice Greer and G.L. Jaguar where they talk about the label Sister Polygon and why they’re so stoked about music. Read the full article here.

But for Greer and Jaguar, running the label isn’t just about supporting their pals — it’s also about finding music that speaks to them, made by people who are just as passionate.

“When we see music and people who are putting in their all, it’s not just bleeding out your guts with your emotions — that’s important, too — but people who are really trying to express something where there is not space or dialogue for already. That is stuff we want to get behind and try to support,” Greer says.


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