Leading Ladies: Dance and Feel Good!


British singer Moko shows us how to get down. (Courtesy of DJ Semtex.)


Finals are nearing, deadlines are looming and your life force is steadily dwindling to zero. You want to go to the gym but that’s too much effort and going outside now would leave you as a human iceberg. The best thing you can do is shelter yourself in your room, put on a great song and dance! Shake your hips, twist your arms, do whatever: just move! It’s a foolproof method that will not only boost your energy but also make you feel good.

Here are my go-to tracks for when my room becomes my stage and I need to dance it off.

1. TOKiMONSTA, “Drive feat. Arama”

Slick vocals and hip-rolling rhythms are essential to get things started. Producer and DJ Jennifer Lee – known as TOKiMONSTA – brings that certain L.A. je ne sais quoi to her music that’s effortlessly cool. The bouncing beat keeps the song active while the vocals deliver uplifting words that will have you shining: “I gotta whole lotta new things going on / a new set of wings I’m trying on.” Get your wings from this song and fly on through.

Check out her Soundcloud too!

2. TALA, “Everybody’s Free”

Things slow down just a bit with this song from London-based musician TALA. (Sidenote: I’m really loving all of these capitalized names. Yes! Let them know you’re here!) The song opens with a gospel-like choir harmonizing “Everybody’s free!” and then smoothly transitions to a grounded, gritty beat. Just before the chorus, “everybody’s free” is sung again before the rhythm explodes and TALA adds “to feel good / To feel good / Don’t you feel good, good, good?” This song will have you whipping your hair in agreement because yes! You are free to feel good so you should definitely do it!

3. Karen Harding, “Say Something”

Another U.K.-based artist, Karen Harding cites Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey as some of her influences. Now imagine those kind of vocals backed with house music and that’s essentially what this song offers.

4. Moko, “Your Love”

Following the house influenced music, Moko steps in with this infections dance tune that will have you coming up with choreographed steps to match its hypnotic beat. Or, you can just follow Moko’s lead in her music video for this song and just freestyle.

5. Karol Conka, “Caxambu”

No words can properly express how much I love Brazilian artist Karol Conka who raps exclusively in Brazilian Portuguese. Even if you don’t understand the language, you’ll understand the rhythm and it’s all hand drums, handclaps and electric beats. This song goes hard so you’ll need to match it and dance until your neighbors complain about excessive stomping. (While you’re at it, listen to the entirety of her album Batuk Freak and recharge 300 percent.) There. Doesn’t that feel much better?


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