Leading Ladies: 3 Australian Artists Who Are Better than Iggy Azalea


Exhibit A: Tkay Maidza is someone you should definitely listen to instead of I**y Azalea. (Photo credit: Grand Stand)

Iggy Azalea is racist (among other things) and I cannot support someone who is so absorbed with her own ego that she cannot see the wrong in her words and actions and who will not afford humanity to other people who do not look or experience life like her. No amount of “talent” (which she is lacking of anyway) could redeem her in my eyes.

Admittedly, I used to be excited about Iggy Azalea because I wanted to support all women in music. But after finding out about her unapologetic racist viewpoints, my interest immediately vanished. Now, there is always room to grow but she has so far shown an inability to accept criticism and learn.

Before I launch into a book series on why Iggy Azalea must be stopped, I offer alternatives that may quench that gap for an Australian musician in your life. First, an up-and-coming young rapper with a lot of potential and seriously good bops; next, a new pop diva with a mind-blowing voice; and last but not least, an experienced talent in R&B pop and musical movies.


(Photo source: The Music)

1. Tkay Maidza

Tkay Maidza is an 18-year-old rapper whose music is the perfect marriage between M.I.A.’s electro-rap beats and Azealia Banks’s playful flow. Born in Zimbabwe and based in Adelaide, Maidza grew up listening to Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Outkast, and Kanye West. She left university to pursue music, releasing original music last year with “Brontosaurus” and “Handle My Ego”. Now, she’s signed to Dew Process, Brisbane’s indepdent label that’s also home to Mumford & Sons and Electric Guest.

LISTEN TO: “U-Huh” is rife with popping percussion and electrifying synths, coming together as the moving background of Maidza’s stylish, carefree flow. She has a confident attitude that’s infectious, a swagger that’s natural and arresting. It’s an appropriate song for workouts, first day of school, and even lunch breaks at work. Basically, put it on repeat, non-stop.


(Photo source: news.com.au)

2. Dani Im

Last year, Dami Im won the fifth series of The X Factor Australia. Born in South Korea, she moved to Brisbane when she was 9-years-old. Im was an avid piano player and had performed in South Korea before deciding that she wanted to sing in Australia. From her first audition, she had been very modest about her singing abilities but she had truly undersold her immense vocal talent. She made X Factor history when she became the first winner to follow a number one single with a number one studio album in Australia.

Im’s new album, Heart Beats, will be released Oct. 17 in Australia and has already produced two top 20 singles, “Super Love” and “Gladiator”.

LISTEN TO: “Super Love” is an upbeat, positive pop song that will have listeners up and moving. It’s an anthemic track that’s dedicated to her supportive husband, Noah. With a dynamic piano line, Im’s massive stadium-quality voice, and bright percussion, it’s a song that will bring Im to pop diva status.


(Photo source: Renowned for Sound)

3. Jessica Mauboy

From this list, Jessica Mauboy is the most established musician having started as a runner-up to Australian Idol in 2006. With three studio albums that have enjoyed high positions on Australian charts – with one certified platinum and two certified gold – and a slew of top 40 singles, Mauboy is major fixture in Australia’s music scene. Hailing from Darwin with an Indigenous Australian and Indonesian background, Mauboy auditioned on the singing competition at 16-years-old and even with her loss, she still went on to sell millions of records and star in the successful Australian film The Sapphires.

LISTEN TO: “Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up)” is a fun, pre-game song. Although formulaic, it’s great for those moments just before a summer party, getting ready with your friends. Sometimes, a light, breezy song is all you need to lift your mood.

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