Leading Ladies: British Rapper Little Simz Doing Big Things


From North London, rapper and actress Simbi Ajikawo, known by her stage name Little Simz. Courtesy of BKLYN1834.

As soon as Little Simz‘s latest mixtape “Blank Canvas” was featured on JAY Z’s Life&Times website, everyone wanted to know about the 19-year-old British rapper. Though she has released music before 2013, Little Simz has been getting more exposure just this past year for her more concise sound and effortless flow.

Little Simz has been making music since she was nine, counting Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott among her inspirations. She also got involved in acting, playing in British TV shows while still pursuing music. Now, not only is she still looking at scripts and preparing for a new EP which she’s recording in L.A., she also goes to university and is involved in fashion. A renaissance woman, Little Simz aims to be an icon and a leading voice in her generation while also proving that female MCs go just as hard as their male counterparts.

Her latest mixtape “Blank Canvas” was released last September to much acclaim. Her lyrics are personal and expansive with attempts to be conscious and thoughtful. The beats are laid-back and muted so the focus is on her flow and lyricism. The 12-track endeavor is a great listen from start to finish though best suited for contemplative moments rather than party starters. Standout tracks include “The Bells” (a great come-up song), “Subject Matters” (conscious lyrics with a bumping beat), and “Shadows” (her talent is immense).

But seriously, don’t sleep on her. Little Simz is on the come up and you better not miss out. Her latest song, “The Hamptons”, is a slow simmer for hazy nights.

Need more convincing? Her freestyle is all you need.

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