Leading Ladies: From Indonesia, Singer Neonomora Ready to Go Global

iwan neonomora3446 copy

Indonesian singer, Neonomora, hopes to reach international status.

It’s not very often that artists from Southeast Asia are mentioned beyond the local community. A few names have made it big like Malaysian artist Yuna, multitasking star Charice from the Philippines, and another Malaysian singer Zee Avi. But overall, the international music scene is – unsurprisingly – dominated by American and British artists with occasional appearances by some big K-pop act or young talent from New Zealand. So it was refreshing to find Indonesian singer, Neonomora, on a list of 10 new Indonesian artists to listen to trending on my newsfeed. Wanting to help a fellow Indonesian out, here’s a quick pitch as to why Neonomora needs to be added on your playlists.

Jakarta-based artist Ratih Suryahutamy, known by her stage name Neonomora, has a big voice that is expansive as it is invigorating. Drawing her influences from her experiences abroad in the U.S., China, and Australia and also from music genres like R&B, soul, and jazz, her vocals have a range and power that’s in a class of its own. Her self-titled debut EP was released last November and is available on iTunes. Singing entirely in English, her five track EP shows off her vocal prowess and the electro, pop, and R&B influences make the songs instantly catchy and energizing. Her music is not for gloomy days; if you need a pick-me-up or motivator, Neonomora is your go-to.

Her first single, “You Want My Love,” is bold and restless, the opening percussion line inviting listeners to get up and move. As soon as Neonomora starts her verse, her voice resonates along with the accompanying piano, a graceful yet forceful instrument of its own. It’s a great showcase for her range and a good introduction to her big and bold style.

Her second single, “Fight,” shows Neonomora’s tougher, grittier side. It’s a call to arms, a declaration for action, to fight for whatever it is that is important to the listeners. Although the instrumentals get a bit busy, Neonomora still manages to sing through, revealing a stunning vibrato and a voice that soars to new heights.

So if you were looking for a singer with dynamic vocals and an impressive range, check out Neonomora. Her music will be sure to uplift and empower, pushing you to finish that homework or do that workout you’ve been meaning to do.

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