Leading Ladies: In Love with Elli Ingram

1391427640Courtesy of Urban Development

I’m mad.

Mostly annoyed, but also really mad.

Of course, all of that anger is directed at myself for being completely ignorant of Elli Ingram‘s EP, “Sober”, for so long. Released in July 2013, _Sober_ is a soulful six track debut of more good music to come from this talented British singer-songwriter. Her influences include Jill Scott and D’Angelo, apparent in her sultry voice. Comparisons to another British vocal powerhouse (*cough* Adele *cough*) have been but Ingram’s music has more R&B and hip-hop influences, closer to her contemporaries Etta Bond and Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge. But enough with comparisons because the most important part is that Ingram is making music that’s all her own.

Even her cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” could easily be an original song. She makes it completely her own, revamped with jazzy vocals and a sweet piano line.

Of course, it’s her original music that really showcases her singing and songwriting talent. Her EP starts off with the title track, “Sober”, a hazy, dreamy confection that feels more like a bittersweet hangover. It’s a fitting opener for an EP that marks the trial and error stage of young adulthood. For such a new artist with only a few songs out, her sound is focused and defined and her EP builds up anticipation for a full album. Ingram can go from a wide-eyed ingenue singing about liking bad boys in “Mad Love” to atmospheric R&B in “High Love” to self-reflective ballad in “Fun”. There are only six tracks and since this is her only release so far, it begs to be put on repeat.

Ingram recently signed to Island Records and has already released her first song with the label, “When It Was Dark”. It’s slinky, sexy, and showcases Ingram’s stellar voice featuring some gospel-inspired instrumentals. She’s definitely one to watch for this year and as I impatiently wait for her full album, I’ll just be putting the “Sober” EP on constant replay.

Listen to the full EP now and fall in love too.

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