Leading Ladies: Sweden’s Naomi Pilgrim, Prepares for Debut

It looks like 2014 will be another exciting year for music. Newer, fresher musicians will be making their debut and one of the standouts for the class of 2014 will be Naomi Pilgrim. With a debut EP set for release this year, Pilgrim will be venturing out into the world as a solo artist after several years as a back-up singer. So far, she has released one song, “No Gun”, that has created buzz for her new music.


Courtesy of Radar Magazine

Her experiences in the music industry are already numerous; at one point, she has sung back-up for well-known Swedish artist, Lykke Li. Though the 29-year-old has started making music since her early teens, she only recently signed onto Cosmos Music Group, an independent record company based in Stockholm.

She credits a lot of her musical influences to her Barbadian heritage and also Sade, apparent in her first single, “No Gun”. Filled with a heavy bassline that anchors the light, bouncy instrumentals, Pilgrim’s relatable and somewhat desolate lyrics tie everything together. Her vocals are solid and unassuming which leaves the focus mostly on her lyrics and production. It’s a great start and definitely piques interest for her upcoming music.

Her latest song is a cover of Lady’s “Money”, but she makes it her own by completely ditching the Motown sound of the original song and adding a driving bassline and hectic percussion. The feeling of the song completely changes; instead of being a cheery song about financial independence, it sounds more like the reluctant dependence of money. With two songs out, it’s clear to see where the direction of Pilgrim’s music is heading: heavily influenced by R&B with lyrics that are personal yet universal. Her debut EP will be highly anticipated.

Here’s the music video for “No Gun”:

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