Album Review – Matangi by M.I.A.

MIA-MATANGIThere’s something almost spiritual about listening to M.I.A.’s fourth studio album, Matangi, which also happens to be the Hindu goddess of spoken word and music. Released at the beginning of November, about three years after her last album, Matangi might be M.I.A.’s best album yet, filled with honest lyrics and a musicality that will have listeners moving nonstop, either in modest foot-tapping or full body dancing. M.I.A.’s flow is unstoppable, hypnotic and grand in scope.

“Matangi” is relentless energy with moving drums and M.I.A chanting lyrics like a spell. “Only 1 U” goes hard, with lyrics of self-affirmation and a rhythm that feels like your own heartbeat, pounding and threatening to break loose. Singles like “Bad Girls” and “Bring the Noize” are dance floor hits, rife with catchy hooks and beats that are effortlessly cool. However, the standout track is “Boom Skit”; although it’s the shortest track on the album, the lyrics are powerful and raw and that bass hits like a punch, reminding listeners where she’s coming from. It’s an album that is very empowering for those who share or relate to M.I.A.’s background and for those who don’t, it’s still a very powerful album to get lost in just in its mesmerizing rhythms and clever lyricism.


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