Virgin Mobile Freefest 2013: Sky Ferreira and CHVRCHES

IMG00585-20130921-1522On Sept. 21, 2013, Virgin Mobile hosted its annual “free” music festival in Columbia, Maryland. To get a free ticket, you have to be one of those lucky ones that somehow make it to the online queue on time; it’s really a luck of the draw. I was not so lucky but the price I had to pay was pretty reasonable for a one-day festival with a decent lineup.

To be honest, I was only interested in going to see Sky Ferreira and CHVRCHES and I’m really glad I had the opportunity. I fell in love with Sky Ferreira’s Ghost EP and was pretty excited for her debut album. I was worried about how her songs would translate live and how her performance is but actually, she was quite charming and sung with a strong, distinct and clear voice. Though she’s not much of a performer – maybe a few shimmies here and there – she was so passionate about her music that it didn’t really matter if there wasn’t much showmanship. And her connection with the audience was genuine; she wanted to share such personal songs and she was very humble about receiving the adoration that she did.


Sky Ferreira’s set was one of the very first in this year’s festival.


Afterwards, there was an hour between the end of Ferreira’s set and CHVRCHES set but since I was at the front, I definitely did not want to lose my spot so I just stay put. It was well worth the wait because CHVRCHES put on such a great set; Lauren Mayberry’s voice, though delicate, soared through the air with power. If I ever get a chance to see these leading ladies live again, I’d definitely want to go!


Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES


It rained towards the end but there were still people coming in to see the main acts, Vampire Weekend and Robin Thi

It rained towards the end but there were still people coming in to see the main acts, Vampire Weekend and Robin Thicke. 

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