AU’s The Eagle & WVAU – HAIM’s Days Are Gone Review

I’ve written twice about HAIM’s debut album, Days Are Gone, because, well, I’m basically in love with this album and I’d love everyone else to be in love with it too. 

The Eagle’s Album Reviews Brew 3.0

Originally published: 10/03/13 @ 3:36 p.m. on The Eagle online. HAIM– Days Are Gone After numerous festival appearances and an EP or two, HAIM has finally released their highly anticipated debut album and it does not disappoint. From R&B-inspired rhythms on “My Song 5” to bouncy guitar riffs on “The Wire,” the Haim sisters – all multi-instrumentalists – experiment with harmonies and styles, resulting in a record that is not only seamless in its production but also musically satisfying. This album can be easily played from start to finish without skipping over songs. The tracklist flows smoothly, starting with “Falling” – an anthem of driving percussions and an echoed hook – and finishing off with “Running If You Call My Name” as a fond farewell. The tracks in-between vary with pace and theme; “Honey & I” is sweet and soothes like a summer breeze while “Days Are Gone” moves and grooves with the sisters using breathy head voices and a steady drumbeat that makes it impossible not to dance and sing along. The Haim sisters have done a stellar job with their debut album, solidifying their status as talented and creative musicians. RIYL: Kitten, Peace, Swim Deep – Teta Alim


WVAU Top Music 2013: #5 – Album

Originally published: Dec. 27, 2013 on

Haim, Days Are Gone

The coolest sisters from L.A. have dominated this year with their EPs and multiple festival appearances, quickly building up their reputation in time for their debut album Days Are Gone released at the end of September. It’s no surprise that their DC show in May is already sold out along with most of the venues on their North American tour. What makes this album so stellar – and definitely sets the bar for their following albums – is the infectious enthusiasm for music; no song is a filler or throwaway and each song is performed with a passion that grabs listeners through the speakers. Paired with the intricate instrumentation are well thought-out lyrics that are personal and relatable, making this album an essential coming-of-age soundtrack for all 20-somethings out there. It’s an album that can be listened from start to finish with each track smoothly transitioning to the next. “Falling” sets the mood with moving percussion and a driving, echoing hook. “My Song 5” and “Days Are Gone” have an R&B flavor to them that adds to the angst, heavy drums and powerful singing adding to the growth shown in the lyrics. “The Wire” is insanely catchy with the lively guitars and the sisters’ bright harmonies. Days Are Gone is an album that should not be missed because of its seamless, creative production; the Haim sisters have a great year ahead of them.

By Teta Alim

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