AU’s The Eagle – Disclosure turns Monday night into a dance party at the 9:30 club

Originally published: 10/30/13 @ 1:20pm on The Eagle online

disclosure - howard 2

British electronic music duo Disclosure played to a sold-out show at the 9:30 Club, courtesy of U Street Music Hall, on Oct. 28.

T. Williams, a fellow British DJ, promptly opened the show for an initially tame crowd. Starting off his set with smooth, soulful mixes, audience members began bobbing and swaying to the steady rhythms.

Williams switched from melodic tracks to more electronic, bass-heavy loops that added variety and interest to his set. After a while, songs became indistinguishable and the crowd started getting restless for the main act.

Once Disclosure came on, the audience erupted in a frenzy, pushing toward the front and screaming words of adoration at the duo. Comprised of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, each had their own platform with equipment. Older brother Guy had various percussions on his platform while Howard had an electric bass and keyboard.

They opened with “F for You” from their debut album “Settle” where Howard showed off his effortless vocals while Guy enthusiastically roused the audience with pounding beats. A seamless transition to “When a Fire Starts to Burn” was accompanied by an intense light show, the stage glowing red as the digital screens flashed images of fire. Guy was the more outgoing of the two, taking time to chat with the audience and fervently mixing tracks which balanced Howard’s subdued energy.

Crowd pleasers “You & Me” and “White Noise” had the venue absolutely pulsating as audience members sang loudly along and danced feverishly. The brothers decided to stay on stage instead of going off before their encore, Guy saying he was having too much fun to leave. They ended their dynamic show with their lead single “Latch,” which had the crowd jumping.

D.C. marks the end of the fall U.S. tour. Afterward, Disclosure has several festivals and shows in Europe and another UK tour.


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