AU’s The Eagle – Album Reviews Brew No. 5

Originally published: 10/28/13 @ 12:30pm on The Eagle online

Cults – Static
For those who are already fans of the New York City indie pop duo Cults, their sophomore album “Static” is a solid follow-up to their acclaimed 2011 self-titled debut. Comprised of vocalist Madeline Follin and instrumentalist Brian Oblivion, this band continues to refine their dreamy, retro pop sound, playing around with orchestral elements and layering vocals to create an album that’s pleasant to listen to but not exactly attention-grabbing. It’s good to put on during study sessions or while cooking because nothing about the album is distracting. However, the layers become too thick and Follin’s lyrics are lost underneath the muddle of distorted guitars and wispy melodies. Stand out tracks include “Were Before” for its somber duet between Follin and Oblivion, “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” for its bubbly rhythm amidst its melancholic lyrics, and “Always Forever” has a charming piano line that matches Follin’s saccharine vocals. – Teta Alim

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