AU’s The Eagle – Album Reviews Brew 10.31

Originally published: 10/31/13 @ 1:09pm on The Eagle online

Eliza Doolittle – In Your Hands
After Eliza Doolittle’s highly successful 2010 debut album, which reached No. 3 on the UK Albums Chart, the follow-up album “In Your Hands” from the British singer-songwriter has flown under the radar since its release. In an attempt to explore her musical boundaries, Doolittle experiments with a more soulful sound with great success on tracks such as “Waste of Time” and “Euston Road.”
However, her efforts at a mature sound fall flat on tracks like the heavy-handed “Let It Rain,” which sounds like a karaoke song that parents would pick, and “Walking On Water” where a try at an almost R&B sound are hampered by awkward lyrics. The album is a fair shot at something more creative, but inconsistent songwriting and half-hearted ventures into different genres keeps this album on the back-burner of this year’s releases. It’s not a bad listen – Doolittle’s voice is an absolute joy and if there’s one thing to take from this album, it’s that she can really sing – but amongst the great array of other albums released this year, even in the same month, “In Your Hands” may just slip through your fingers. – Teta Alim

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