Leading Ladies: Getting Intimate with British singer, FKA twigs

London-based artist, FKA twigs

Little was known about British singer FKA twigs (formerly known as just twigs) when she released her debut EP, EP, last December. And nearly a year later with a second EP out since September, she’s still a mysterious, press-shy artist. Signed to London label, Young Turks – also home to The xx, Wavves, and SBTRKT – the Gloucestershire native has garnered much attention for her ethereal vocals and high impact sounds. With the help of producer Arca, known for his work on Kanye West’s Yeezus, FKA twigs’ EP2 is expansive as it is intimate, wistful lyrics paired with weightless instrumentals that will transport listeners to another dimension.

The 25-year-old singer originally moved to London at age 17 to go to dance school but after several weeks, she dropped out to pursue her main interest: music. Because she has been featured on i-D magazine and is known in the blogosphere for her unique, personal style, some worry that FKA twigs may just be another darling of the fashion world, known more for her aesthetics than her musical ability. But the singer explains in an interview with Pitchfork, “…the reason why I moved to London and the reason why I’ve been on this journey is because I really love making music. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

When her 2012 debut EP was released, it flew largely under the radar but for those who had listened, they were treated to lush, electronic soundscapes, filled with delicate lyrics and encompassing vocals. It laid the groundwork for EP2, FKA twigs’ latest EP where she tightens and perfects her style and songwriting. The four-track EP starts off with “How’s That,” a dark and sensual song where twigs’ breathy, sweet voice plays over haunting instrumentals, creating an atmosphere that’s private and solitary. Vocals and instrumentals intertwine to form a space that seems endless. Her songs will make listeners feel suspended in time and memories.

The second track and one of the standouts, “Papi Pacify,” is a bit lighter. twigs’ voice soars as she sings, “Tell me I’m the only one / Like I didn’t know / Oh show / Tell me you’re the one that I can call / Even if you choke.” The instrumentals are minimal, while twigs’ voice is the main attraction, as she whispers and croons throughout the track. The video for this track is extremely fitting. The singer is engulfed in the arms of a large man, skin touching, hands all over each other that matches the sexual intensity of the song. It’s raw and simple with two lovers entangled in a universe of their own.

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By Teta Alim

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