The xx at Governors Ball 2013 – Sunday, June 9th


My friends and I had managed to stumble to the front as soon as Beirut got off the stage. Though I was excited to see The xx, I was not prepared AT ALL for their performance. I’d listened to both their albums prior to the festival and didn’t think their show would be too dramatic considering that their music is pretty mellow. However, it was clear I was the only one who thought that because the people around me were hardcore, devoted fans, singing along to every song and yelling undying love to Romy, Oliver, and Jamie. The girl next to me was especially enthusiastic and thought it was okay to sing loudly and off-key right in my ear.

(Note: I do appreciate when you’re so devoted to a band that you know every word, I really do. It’s just, well, when you can’t sing, please do not sing louder than the actually performers because you ruin it for everyone around you. Enthusiasm is perfectly fine but at some point, realize that you’re inflicting grievous, auditory harm to those around you and just mouth along. Thanks.)

One of the high points of the performance was the light show; the fog that mixed with the lasers looked like oil on water and it created lovely patterns in the air. Romy and Oliver sung beautifully and it was impossible not to fall in love with them. As soon as I got home that night (really, early morning), I listened to the entirety of xx and Coexist and flailed around for a bit because I’d seen them live and it was a near religious experience. Oh, how I love music.

Here’s an excerpt of their set and again, this video does not do it justice at all:


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