Kanye West at Governors Ball 2013 – Sunday, June 9th


This is all I could get of the stage. Where is Kanye West?

And thus, Governors Ball came to a close with not a whimper or a bang but a somewhat polite cough.

Kanye West was the closing act and it was impossible to get anywhere near the main stage. Many people had left, certain that the rapper was going to be a no show. He was late but he did show up, performing some new songs and doing some of his hits. It was fun mostly because I was dancing with friends and hearing “Good Life” and “All Falls Down” live is a beautiful experience. But it was impossible to see Kanye and the big screens had weird effects to them so they were basically useless. Was it worth it waiting for Mr. West? Definitely; even if he ranted and was a bit self-indulgent with his songs such as dragging out the end of “All of the Lights”. Will I be prompted to see him at a headlining tour? Hmm….probably not if the venue is going to be packed like it was at the festival. I like my intimate venues, thanks. But it was worth the experience of seeing one of the most popular rappers on the planet live, even if I only caught a fleeting glimpse of the top of his head.

“New Slaves” live, courtesy of Normal Mag:


All of the lights.


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