Azealia Banks at Governors Ball 2013 – Saturday, June 8th


There is a fantastic story out of wanting to be front row for Azealia Banks. Now, I look back fondly during that hectic time but at the moment, it was probably one of the most frightening experiences in my life.

I was trapped in a mosh pit.

The band before Azealia Banks playing at the same stage was Canadian hardcore punk band, Fucked Up. At first, my friends and I thought the name for that band was supposed to be ironic but it turned out to be pretty spot on. Because we were so eager to be first for Azealia Banks, we decided that it’d be harmless to try and sneak to the rails by pushing past to the core group by the stage. However, it soon became apparent that we had a fatal underestimation of the group because we were soon crushed by a body of sweaty, enthusiastic, moshing people. Thankfully, because of my sports experience and pretty strong stance, my 5-foot body did not get lost and demolished in the relentless wave of people. When the band finished, I was breathless and bruised but at least I had secured a prime spot at the rails for Azealia Banks.

Now, on to the actual performance: Azealia Banks was flawless. I had my reservations because of her prominence more for her Twitter feuds than her music that she would be a diva in the wrong ways but I was so glad those reservations had no grounds. She was lively and on point; her rapping came effortlessly and she was interacting well with the audience. She had two back up dancers that were also just as amazing, dancing with ease and style. Even if you don’t like her music, you cannot deny the fact that she is a born performer, perfect at entertaining the crowd while staying true to her music. All in all, it was so worth going through a moshpit of death to see Azealia Banks up close.

A glimpse of her Gov Ball performance, courtesy of Billboard Magazine:

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