Young the Giant at Governors Ball 2013 – Friday, June 7th

Young the Giant 11

Out of all the shows I saw on Friday, the best one without a doubt was Young the Giant. Admittedly, I was a casual listener; I appreciated their debut album, Young the Giant, and I knew some words to some of their songs but I had no idea what a strong following they had. I was surrounded by devoted fans, singing loudly to every song and declaring undying love to the band. I could definitely see the appeal because lead vocalist, Sameer Gadhia, is a gem to watch. He is so genuinely passionate about his music that he sings with every fiber of his being. That’s why their set was so enjoyable; they love playing music and they love having people hear their music. They played a few new songs which were well received by the audience. At one point, the rain was so persistent that they almost had to cancel mid-show but they continued until the end which was absolutely lovely. Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to play “Apartment” but they did close with “My Body” which was such a perfect and appropriate end to the day that my friend and I were so satisfied we left early and skipped out on the rest of the night (which ended up being cancelled anyway!).

A new album is in the works with this band so expect more good music soon!


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