The Governors Ball Music Festival 2013 – My First Festival Experience

The main stage

The main stage

I’d always dreamed of going to a music festival and I could not have asked for a better way to begin my journey into another level of music than the Governors Ball. Seeing live shows at a huge festival setting is so much different than an intimate setting at  a small venue. The crowds, the setting, the food, everything was an eye-opening, incredible experience.

The first day of the festival was a veritable shit storm. A tropical storm was passing through and it felt as if another great deluge was upon us. The grounds were insanely muddy and the rain was relentless. However, the people that came were truly dedicated to music (including me!) decked out in ponchos and umbrellas. The artists I saw that day include Pacific Air, Bear Mountain, St. Lucia, Best Coast, Of Monsters and Men, Local Natives, and Young the Giant.

Friday, June 7th, a perfect storm

Friday, June 7th, a perfect storm

Saturday was much better, weather-wise. However, the grounds were extremely muddy. Although I didn’t have proper rain boots, I had my old, ratty Chucks that I was willing to sacrifice to the mud grounds of death. Since they had to cancel Kings of Leon on Friday, they moved them to Saturday (and yet I still didn’t have any urge to see them). Music-wise, Saturday is probably my favorite day because:

  1. I saw one of my favorite Australian bands, The Rubens, live and it was a near religious experience. I also got their set list.
  2. I was front row for Azealia Banks and also got her set list. We also made eye contact and I almost fainted.
  3. Icona Pop had an energetic, fun set that definitely helped motivate me to stay at the festival. Sometimes, I got so tired that I thought I was going to pass out but I needed to keep going. For music.
My friends looking stylish and enjoying the festival.

My friends looking stylish and enjoying the festival.

Sunday was the last day and KANYE WEST. But actually, the best show from that day is a hard pick between Foals and The xx. I was really surprised at how many fans The xx had and I didn’t expect them to have such a lively show because their music is somewhat mellow. But they were SO GOOD. My recommendations after this festival? Pacific Air, Bear Mountain, Young the Giant, The Rubens, Azealia Banks, Haim, Foals, and The xx. Enjoy the photos to come!

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