Concert Review: UK Band, The Vaccines, Have Insane Energy


Frontman, Justin Young, of The Vaccines rocks out

The Vaccines played to a sold-out show at the 9:30 Club in DC on February 1st. The house was absolutely packed but thankfully, my friends and I were able to snag a spot in the front row, right at the rails. People were dancing, singing loudly, and crowd surfing at this insanely energetic show. The opening act, San Cisco, were my personal favorites for the night but only because I’d been a fan since I was in Australia; most people at the show knew nothing about them but the general consensus was that lead singer, Jordi Davieson, was adorable. All in all, it was a brilliant night of fast-paced, loud music. The Vaccines’ latest album Come of Age, is out now.


Opening act, San Cisco, warm up the crowd


Freddie Cowan of The Vaccines

More Freddie

More Freddie (and yes, we were actually this close!)

peter from the vaccines

We caught The Vaccines’ drummer, Pete Robertson, outside the venue after the show! (He’s the tall guy in the center with the confused look on his face.)

(Photos courtesy of my friends with better camera phones.)

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