Concert Review: Australian Band, San Cisco = The Best Birthday Present


San Cisco, a four-piece band from Western Australia

(Please excuse my excessive fangirling in this post. )

On Saturday, March 23rd, a friend and I went to see San Cisco at the Rock and Roll Hotel. It was part of a small birthday celebration and it was fitting for me because I love San Cisco. Like, seriously. I had first heard their single, “Awkward”, on Triple J radio in Australia (Triple J, by the way, is my favorite radio station ever). The catchy guitar hook, the adorable members, and cheeky lyrics had captured me completely. Their debut album, San Cisco, is indie pop rock perfection. Jordi Davieson, the lead singer, is a gem and if his infectious lyrics don’t get you then his charming smile will.

Back to the concert, the opening act was sister act, Chaos Chaos, formerly known as Smoosh. It took a while for me to realize it but it hit me like a brick when I figured out that Smoosh was the band I’d loved and followed when I was in elementary school and I had first learned about the girls because of an article in American Girl magazine. At the time, I thought these girls were the coolest ever; they were just barely in middle school and they were already making music and opening for huge bands like Tokyo Police Club and Death Cab for Cutie. As Chaos Chaos, their music is more mature and varied but still as detailed and intricate as ever. Older sister, Asy, sings and plays keyboard while the younger sister, Chloe, rocks out on the drums. This concert has also opened my eyes to the awesome power of female drummers (Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco is one of the coolest female drummers you will meet).


Chaos Chaos doing a fantastic cover of Tegan & Sara’s “Closer”

It was a wonderful, musically fulfilling night!

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