Mood Music: Adventures in Love

Sometimes, this love thing can be exciting. Whether you’re a newbie or you’re taking risks or maybe you’ve tried to fight it for too long but now have just decided to go with it. Here are some tracks you can add to your life if it were a romantic comedy:

1. “Your Love” by Saskwatch (AUS)

Lead singer, Nkechi Anele, puts soul into the lyrics as she sings about being an ingenue in the ways of love. This retro-pop nine-piece band takes us back to the days when you could ask your crush to the milk bar after school, carry their books, and maybe lend your cardigan when it gets too chilly. As Anele laments about her initial loneliness before meeting her beau to the background of a guitar striking wistful chords, a peppy trumpet section lifts her spirits as she realizes that love has filled her emptiness. It’s a sweet, cheerful song that’s perfect for those “love-at-first-sight” moments.

2. “Take Her Back” by The Pigeon Detectives (UK)

It seems that many rock bands have that quintessential song about a struggling attraction to a younger love interest. A pair of upbeat guitars and a pulsating rhythm complement the cheeky lyrics frontman Matt Bowman sings in his Northern English accent about a 22-year-old man who falls for a 17-year-old schoolgirl against his better judgment.

3. “Wild Young Hearts” by Noisettes (UK)

“Tell me, tell me, tell me when will we learn/We love it and we leave it and we watch it burn/Damn these wild young hearts,” belts Shingai Shoniwa. As the frontwoman of this London-based band, she rightfully sings about the fickleness of young love to melodic guitars, tambourines, and an urgent piano line. Fun fact: Shoniwa went to the same performing arts school as Adele and they used to jam together.

4. “Can’t Fight It” by Oh Mercy (AUS)

After the cheeriness of the previous tracks, it’s time to mellow it down a bit to show the StruggleBus™ journey on the way to Love-ville. Oh Mercy’s chill but intricate guitar riffs and a churning drum beat properly convey the confusion that can be felt in the strange, four-lettered emotion. Lead by Alexander Gow’s heartbreaking croon, the lyrics address a wishy-washy love affair that’s so complicated, it’s actually quite simple.

5. “I Love You Too” by Locksley (USA)

Locksley, a power pop band from Madison, Wisconsin, wraps up this hypothetical rom-com soundtrack with a resounding bang. Jesse Laz’s strong lead vocals are backed by powerful, rocking guitars and a driving drum beat that will induce fist-pumping paired and extravagant declarations of love as you finally get the girl (or guy) and conquer the universe.

By Teta Alim 


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