National Cathedral


If you want to see great neo-Gothic architecture (because who doesn’t?), visit the Washington National Cathedral. It’s the 6th largest cathedral in the world, 2nd largest in the US, and the 4th tallest structure in DC. Construction began in 1907 with the final piece being laid down in 1990. Due to the 2011 earthquake, some restoration projects were on-going to fix various falling pieces. Check out the cathedral’s website here to learn more.

A fun fact I learned  is that apparently, there is a statue of Darth Vader somewhere in the cathedral which is actually pretty hilarious. When I visited, it was a such a gorgeous, sunny day and perfect for taking photos. I went around the entire perimeter of the cathedral (which is massive!) and then went inside. My favorite part of the cathedral were the stained-glass windows; they were absolutely stunning with the light shining through.

The top of the cathedral

The top of the cathedral.


One of the statues gracing the front of the cathedral by the doors.


There was a statue of Lincoln inside and I just really like this photo because it almost looks spiritual.


One of the stained-glass windows inside.


Pretty reflections from the stained-glass.


Threw this in here because I liked the cool angle. I took it while lying on the ground, looking up through a gate.


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