DC Chillin’


Have a lovely stroll around the city by bike! Recommended though a bit pricey because of the security deposit.

So I’m back in DC now after winter break in the north country. It was quite a shock to see the city not covered by a blanket of white but then I got over it because that meant I could wear cuter clothing anyway. The campus is currently empty because classes don’t start until next week and I came back early for work. Sigh. The struggles of a working girl.

The upside of being virtually alone is that I can have ridiculous eating habits without being judged. Well, not that it has ever stopped me but still. Z-Burger, Five Guys, and The Burger Joint are my weaknesses. I think I’ve mentioned my addiction to French fries and trust me, it’s very real. My friends are in awe that I am not morbidly obese. I just don’t enjoy rabbit food (aka salads and vegetables in general) and I’m in a constant state of hunger that can only be quenched by French fries.


Haha what are New Year’s resolutions?

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