A Brief Glimpse of Bandung


Bandung is ever expanding, slowly encroaching the lush green that surrounds the city

One of my favorite cities in Indonesia is Bandung. Located in West Java, its colonial history made it a city of leisure and luxury for the Dutch plantation owners that nicknamed it, “The Paris of Java”. Now, Bandung is still held at the same standard, known for its good shopping and cuisine. I come here often whenever I’m in Indonesia to stay with other family members. Staying in Bandung is usually the highlight of my trip where I can set my shopaholic soul free.

This trip though, my aunt decided to treat me to something a bit more touristy. She took me to Saung Angklung Udjo where I got to see locals perform music made by the angklung, a traditional Indonesian instrument made of bamboo that sounds somewhat like a marimba but is played completely different. It was good to watch and most of the performers were kids. Definitely tourist oriented as the repertoire included popular music such as The Beatles and Queen but also traditional music.


The young performers of Udjo with various sizes of angklung (held in hand and also on stands behind the performers)


The view from a quaint restaurant that served delicious mie and bakso (noodles and Indonesian meatballs)


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