Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Candi Borobudur is the world’s largest Buddhist archaeological site

Borobudur, also located in Jogjakarta, is the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. Many Buddhists also take time to make a pilgrimage here. There are nearly a hundred stupas, structures that hold Buddhist relics, but many of the Buddhas in these stupas and on outlying structures are either damaged or missing. It’s a massive site altogether and the climb to the largest stupa at the top is a bit taxing with the steep incline and small steps. But it’s so appropriately placed in a calm, green valley and even with hundreds of tourists buzzing about, you can feel peaceful sitting next to a Buddha and looking at the natural scenery.


A headless Buddha with a serene background


One of the reliefs painstakingly carved into the stone


This particular Buddha symbolizes concentration and meditation because of its distinct pose


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