Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesia cuisine 1

It’s pleading, “Please don’t eat me!”

Although I love, love, LOVE food, I’m not gonna lie but I’m a bit of a picky eater. One thing I refuse to eat is any sort of food that is staring back at me. Okay, so maybe you can’t properly see the eyes but because the shape of the head is still in tact, you know they’re still there.

Watching. Silently. 

Padang food in particular is also dangerously spicy and even though I was born in Indonesia, I grew up in the States and hadn’t built up enough strength to stand spicy food. So, as my family enjoyed their hearty meals, I quietly picked at my fried chicken, being a bad traveler and wishing I could just have a burger and fries.

indonesia cuisine 2

I honestly don’t know what half these things are. I know the liquid is nice, safe, warm tea.

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