Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange is #2 for Internet Radio Station, WVAU

The radio station I write reviews for – WVAU, American University’s internet radio station – does an annual Top 10 albums and Top 10 tracks. I was able to write about one of my favorite artists, Frank Ocean, and his debut studio album Channel Orange. You can read the full review here. Also, be sure to tune into WVAU next semester for good and interesting music!


#2 Album:
Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

Frank Ocean’s debut studio album, Channel Orange, has not only charted here and internationally but has also won critical acclaim and popular attention worldwide. While leaders in the R&B genre such as Usher and Ne-Yo have veered towards pop, Ocean’s album further expands and mixes R&B elements with soul, rap, and jazz. Channel Orange is a beautiful exploration of songwriting and instrumentals and while his songs may not have easily memorable hooks, Ocean’s intimate and honest lyrics are believable. Not only does he take risks baring his soul through his words, he also experiments musically, choosing to pick unconventional keys and rhythms to better highlight his lyrics, showcased on the earnest vocals and lyrics on “Forrest Gump” or the smooth musicality of “Pink Matter.” With a voice like velvet and a background of synths and live instruments, Channel Orange is not only highly innovative but also greatly enjoyable.

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