A Big Fat Indonesian Wedding


Indonesian weddings are MASSIVE. It always seems like the entire country has been invited to the wedding whenever I attend one. Just like a wedding in the States, people dress nicely but tend to wear batik, a traditional dyeing technique for clothes. You can see in this photo, most of the men are wearing batik shirts. This long line is the receiving line for the bride and groom; all the guests have to come greet the bride and groom and their parents and wish them congratulations and what not. It’s really amusing to watch the happy couple try to remember each person as people would introduce themselves as their mother’s cousin’s brother’s wife’s sister or some equally irrelevant relation. (Like I said, everyone is invited to weddings.) The upside to forced socializing and meeting people you vaguely know is that there is an abundance of delicious food. I’m pretty sure I gained ten pounds at the end of the party. But it was worth it.

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