A Bit of Fauna

glimpse of bali 2

The monkeys of Bali, especially the ones in popular tourist spots, are notorious for being quite naughty and maybe a bit frightening. My aunt was not too keen about taking me to the actual monkey forest considering she had a bad experience there but she did want to give me a proper tourist experience so we just went to another temple that happened to have a sizable monkey population.  Thankfully, the monkeys here were a bit more tame; at least they didn’t try to scramble after you for more food. They were somewhat  adorable in a strange, elderly way.

To appease the younger cousins of their animal-fix, we also went to Bali Bird Park which is a really touristy destination but I figured I wasn’t that much of an animal person so it wasn’t too much of a loss not seeing these lovely birds in the wild. Most of them weren’t native to Bali anyway and they even had some reptiles like the Komodo dragon! There are five or so animals that really fascinate me and the Komodo dragon is one of them. It’s just so large, no wonder people thought it was a dragon!

glimpse of bali 5

A Komodo dragon at Bali Bird Park

Glimpse of bali 3

A white peacock!


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