Balinese Dancers

Bali Dance 3

Sorry about the awful quality and the long hiatus on travel posts! This pic was taken from a cell phone because whenever I bring a camera, I always get more absorbed with taking pictures than enjoying the actual performance. This performance catered more to tourists instead of staying true to its historical roots so it was a combination of the Kecak and Barong dance. I absolutely loved the beautiful costumes and how graceful and passionate all the dancers were. Hopefully, I’ll get to witness a true performance someday. My aunt pointed out that this particular performance did not follow the traditional story arc at all but a tourist like me couldn’t tell the difference.

Bali Dance 2

Bali Dance 1

One response to “Balinese Dancers

  1. “Balinese Dancers | Peculiar Travel Suggestions are Dancing Lessons
    from God” was in fact pleasurable and enlightening!
    Within the present day society honestly, that is really difficult to manage.

    Thank you, Tony

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