The Allure of Diamonds through the Use of Lines

Immediately, the use of the pink ribbon draws attention to the diamond rings – Tiffany’s specialty – especially since the organic flow of the ribbon contrasts the rigid structure of the box. Lines are the standout in this simple, bare ad. The ribbon captures attention not just because of its shape but also its color, the warm pink is vibrant against the cool blue of the box and diamonds.

The box is also made of lines, both horizontal and vertical. Together, they create a pedestal for the pièce de résistance, the diamond rings. Deconstructed, the horizontal lines of the box represent a calmness in having these rings while the vertical lines show the stability and dignified nature that comes with buying a Tiffany’s product. The curves of the rings and the ribbon symbolize grace and emotion – the grace from wearing a ring and the emotion from receiving one.

My biased perception comes from my gender and while it may be a stereotype that might not apply for the entire female population, I can say that diamonds are my best friends. With that in mind, this ad was very aesthetically pleasing not just because the diamonds were beautifully photographed but the colors were elegant and attractive; the blue was calming while the pink was passionate and fun. Overall, it’s a well composed ad and Tiffany’s dutifully reminds readers that is has been “Legendary for 175 years” with a tagline that says “Something Perfect, Wrapped in Blue”. With that longevity, Tiffany’s has some cause to boastful especially with such iconic pop culture references and a worldwide reverence that will have its popularity perhaps for another 175 years.

Text used in print ad for The New York Times on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Text used in print ad for The New York Times on Tuesday, December 11, 2012


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