Final Client Project: Website Redesign

Click here: Website for the Earth Conservation Corps

For my final client project, I decided to work on the website redesign along with India Pasiuk, my classmate. We agreed that their initial website needed work in order to better represent the organization. We chose to use to help create a new site because it’s really user friendly and it’s free unless you want to own the domain in which case you have  to pay. Although I’d never used Wix before, it was easy to learn and I was quickly able to connect the client’s Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube channel to this site.

To be honest, it was probably the simplest of the projects our class had come up with. There wasn’t anything particularly hard about it although I had to work on a Mac instead of my laptop (which is a PC) because there were some files that people had sent me that I couldn’t open on my computer. There isn’t anything I would do differently, besides maybe try another platform like WordPress or Blogger.

The hardest part of the project was not the design but the communication with the client. It was difficult for my team member and I to get in touch with the client just because we were all so busy. However, when we did get a hold of them, they were able to honestly say their initial opinions on the site and any improvements that should be made. With that, I learned how to keep the client’s goals in mind along with my goals as a visual literacy student.

Website after redesign at


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