Vegemite = Bad but Tim Tams = Heavenly

Vegemite tastes foul if you haven’t been eating it since infancy. It literally tastes like garden dirt. Sour, wet garden dirt. How I know this, I will not reveal but trust me when I say it tastes like an earthworm’s excrement.

I can honestly say I’ve tried this about ten times and it still tasted horribly.

Tim Tams on the other hand are divine and deserve to be put in the Delicious Food Hall of Fame. They’re one of the first things I’ve missed about Australia. I hope someone can understand my pain of being without Tim Tams for an entire year now.

The food of the gods


4 responses to “Vegemite = Bad but Tim Tams = Heavenly

  1. There are two things that I miss terribly when I travel overseas; Vegemite is one of them. I love having Vegemite on toast with butter. It is certainly an acquired taste though, so I can understand why people don’t really take to it. Tim Tams on the other hand, is something that doesn’t require you to acquire a taste for. My favourite is Dark Chocolate Mint Tim Tams.

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