Phillip Island, Victoria

Where water meets land and the air is so fresh it burns your lungs

My host parents took me to Phillip Island for a weekend. Along the way, we stopped by a family member’s place in Frankston and then continued on our merry way to Phillip Island. There, I had the pleasant experience of seeing fairy penguins (also known as “little penguins”) walk up on the beach after a long day of fishing. Visitors weren’t allowed to take pictures so I’ll leave you with a picture from the interwebs.

It was quite cold when we stayed there but I enjoyed the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. From the southern most tip of Phillip Island, it’s only a short swim to Tasmania (only joking, that’s what my host dad told me but it’s actually a very loooooooooong swim). Other touristy things we did included taking a stroll of the Nobbies – which is the south coast of the island with a view of the Bass Strait – nipping into the chocolate factory, and checking out the Koala Conservation Centre and the Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Most of the popular tourist attractions on Phillip Island are very family oriented so just be careful if you haven’t got the patience for screaming children and frustrated parents. The best part is just walking the island itself and seeing the beautiful waves crash against the coast.

The glorious setting sun on the Bass Strait

Churchill Island Heritage Farm

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