City Girl, Farm Life

The Farm House, built sometime in the 1930s

I lived on several farms during my year in Australia. This particular farm was probably the biggest farm I stayed on and also the only beef farm (the other farm I lived on was grain and sheep but this farm had sheep as well). This farm was particularly nice not just because of the size but also because it was in a hilly/nearly mountainous area so I felt like I was in The Sound of Music every time I stepped onto a pasture.

It’s elevated enough that there’s frost in the mornings

Corralling the sheep for the sheep-shearing

It’s amazing to watch sheep-shearers because they go insanely fast. I cringed every time they nicked a sheep but it happened infrequently.

I am admittedly not a dog person but I can appreciate farm dogs. They’re really smart and well-trained; this dog, Snoopy, is being trained to be a sheepdog.

The backyard and garden are massive. There’s also a tennis court and a fountain. Definitely felt like part of the landed gentry while living here.

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