A Sunrise that Makes Me Feel Like I’m in The Lion King

Not to brag, but when I was living on a farm, I got to wake up to this every morning:

The farm life in Gooroombat

Disregarding the cockatoos and kookaburras, waking up every morning to this scenery already made my day better. Plus my room was faced directly towards the sunrise so even if I tried to sleep in, I couldn’t because sunlight would just be hurdling through the thin curtains and beating me awake.

The cool thing about farm life is that it’s really peaceful. Before coming to Australia, I lived in an apartment in a pretty shoddy neighborhood so I didn’t know what quiet meant being surrounded by thin walls and loud neighbors. On the farm, the quiet is almost deafening and it was unsettling at first but then I started tuning in to the finer noises – insects buzzing, birds calling, dogs barking – and decided that I liked natural noises over the noises of my neighbors any day.

Early morning sun tinting the landscape

The river running through the farm had platypus in them. They’re really shy animals so the only times I could see them were right at dawn and dusk. You can’t really see it but the platypus is the nubby thing floating in the water, surrounded by ripples.

Being on a farm means space and materials which are all the things you need for a great bonfire


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