Giving Off the False Impression that I’m a Hiker

Mt. Cobbler in Victoria

With all these pictures of landscapes and wildlife, I feel like I can almost pass as an outdoorsy person. Since I was out in the bush and living the natural life during my trip around Australia, my host parents thought that I was into hiking and doing outdoor activities. I wasn’t going to say no when they invited me to go hiking on Mt. Cobbler but I wasn’t exactly jumping up in excitement given that I had experienced a lot – maybe too much – nature during my trip around the country. Still, it was good exercise (and I definitely needed the exercise considering my daily diet consisted of fish and chips, meat pies, sausage rolls, Tim Tams, pavlovas, and Big M chocolate milk) and the views were gorgeous.

There was a pile of rocks when we got to the top and my host dad told me it was from all the people who had made it to the top that day


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