It’s a Place on Earth

The Whitsunday Islands, Queensland

I will tell you this for free: I can’t swim.

I learned to swim when I was younger but I haven’t swam recently, not in the last five years. I’ve waded in the water and splashed about but actual swimming…yeah, not possible. I was holding on to dear life when my friends and I got on the ocean raft. It was a bumpy ride; our guides loved going fast and attempted to throw someone overboard. The morning was gray and not very picturesque so I assumed that the water was going to be cold when  we got to the Whitsundays. It wasn’t at all; the water was so warm, it felt like bath water. Like really nice, cozy bath water that just soothes you after a long, stressful day.

Just because I was in Australia and I wanted to try any and all experiences, I decided that I would go snorkeling even though I couldn’t swim to save my life. I thought a swimming noodle would suffice but not only could I not navigate the water, I had trouble breathing with the snorkel mask and because I was struggling, I cut my foot on some coral and had to be pulled out of the water anyway just because I was bleeding like an idiot.

Typical me.

Besides that fiasco, I had such a lovely time. The sun eventually came out and being surrounded by friends and good weather just made my day so much better.

A boat floating in the beautiful, big blue

The sand is pristine here and you’re not allowed to eat on the beach in order to protect the area

Snorkeling! Oh Nemo…where are you?

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