Photo Essay – One Photo Analysis

Our word is charge and after coming up with some preliminary ideas of what we could use, we looked the word up in the dictionary and found a multitude of definitions, one of which we used to show “charged with a crime”.

In composing this picture, I chose Maeve to be the model because of her short-hair that could easily be styled into a Mohawk and her general bad-a** attitude. The fake nose ring, leather jacket, and white tank top are her own while the spiked necklace is mine. Black eyeliner and smudge of red lipstick added to the image of “delinquent”.

I took the photo in an area with dim-lighting, the alcove right next to the lounge. We turned off the lights directly used in the alcove and lit Maeve’s face with a LED flashlight angled from below. I didn’t want the light to shine directly on her face although that might’ve been more accurate to a mugshot picture but I felt that it would’ve flattened her face and totally blanche her skin. The shadows created at this angle give interest and adds to her expression; bored, annoyed, and nonchalant. PhotoShop was used to add the background and the sign.


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