A Slice of Eden

It’s a looooooong drop from here

It was a hard hike at first; there’s a steep climb called “Heart Attack Hill” that had me huffing and puffing and nearly giving up halfway through. But once I got to the top, it was completely worth it. The day was beautiful: sunny and warm with little puffs of wind cooling us down just when the sun got a bit harsh. The view was idyllic: the red hue of the rock complementing the greens of the vegetation and the vibrant blue of the sky. There’s something about being in nature that just calms me, even if I’m not the outdoorsy type. Being out here, in the open at that top of the world, makes me feel that everything will be all right. Life is good and always will be.

A View of Kings Canyon

P.S. Here’s a lovely surprise I got at the campsite!


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