An Appreciation of Science Through Art


“Dark Matters” is artist Shea Hembrey’s first solo exhibition in New York City. His paintings and sculptures muse on the theory and physical form that dark matter takes.

Reviewer Dennis Overbye succinctly describes one of the pieces titled Radius as “a bottomless bird’s nest of meticulously glued straw” which I believe is an accurate description of the piece. This picture was already provided in the article and thus the writer didn’t have to rely on wordy descriptions in order to fully convey the simple beauty of the piece. However, because of the close-up shot, it’s hard to gauge the actual size of the entire work. While I would’ve kept the writer’s metaphorical description, I would’ve also liked to add more quantitative traits such as the size and placement.
The pictures provided did not seem to fully match the descriptions in the review. For example, the next piece, Brick (celestial), was plainly described by its materials, “burnt cork, acrylic, toothpicks and moonstones to illustrate parts of the cosmos”. While it perfectly describes the quantifiable properties of the piece, the reviewer doesn’t really do well to explain the feel, the textures, or the way light affects the piece. In addition to the materials, I would’ve further described more visible qualities such as color, size, and patterns.

The review lacks in-depth descriptions of the featured works and focuses mostly on the theme of the show.  I believe the reason why the works in this exhibition weren’t so heavily described was because this review was actually put in the “Science” section rather than the “Arts” section of The New York Times. In this way, the reviewer would’ve rightly been more interested in the theme of the show rather than the individual pieces.

Brick (celestial)

You can read the full review here.


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