Oh My Rock


Also known as Ayers’ Rock

Seeing Uluru for the first time was, well, it was a long time coming. On the drive over, there’s another massive rock that looks like Uluru to the untrained eye (aka people who think every rock looks the same like me) but it’s not Uluru so my friends and I have christened it “Fooluru”. When we finally did get to the campsite, it was late afternoon and the rock just looked lovely bathed in the dimming sunlight.

I guess the amazing thing about it is that the land is completely flat around it and all of a sudden this gigantic red rock rises out of nowhere. Visitors are suggested not to climb it since it’s considered a sacred site to the indigenous and honestly, I really did want to climb it. But I ended up not even having the option because it was too windy at the summit. Walking the base of the rock is still a treat though. I do recommend wearing a fly-net just because the amount of flies is ungodly and they will comfortable sit on your eyeball if you let them.


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