Lord of the Fries

Echuca, VIC

I’m not exactly a foodie but I’d like to consider myself a bit of a French fries connoisseur. I love fries or as they call it in Australia, chips. Upon living in Australia, I’ve also become addicted to chicken salt which is an essential flavor I must have on my fries now. You cannot even begin to understand my love of fries. I know they’re bad for you but they’re also everything that’s good in this world. Everyday after school, I’d stop by the corner fish & chip shop, spend $2.50 AUD on a 1-2 person serving, and relish them on the way home. Whether it was a good or bad day, that chip break would always be my favorite part of the day.

Unfortunately, the only way I can get “chips” in the US is if I go to a fast food restaurant and I’m not particularly fond of the limp fries they serve there. The only reasonable fries I can eat are Arby’s curly fries but even then there isn’t any chicken salt on them. Honestly, my dream is to open a “chip bar” where it’s set up like a fro-yo place except that instead of fro-yo, there will be an assortment of fries like waffle fries, curly fries, wedges, etc. and people get to decide what condiment or seasoning they want to put on it. How brilliant of an idea is that?! So, ahem, if anyone would like to invest in my “chip bar” idea, feel free to contact me.

2 responses to “Lord of the Fries

    • I just checked and actually you can buy it on Amazon! It’s a bit more expensive though. I have my host mum send it to me when I run out. But chicken salt is amazing with fries and I highly recommend it!

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