Lacoste Puts a Little Air on Earth

Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign

Un peu d’air sur terre. A bit of air on earth. That’s the elegant, bold tagline that Lacoste has stuck with for its S/S 2010 campaign. Anytime I think of great print ads, I think of Lacoste because I love that their ads are full of energy and the color palettes are always bright and refreshing. This ad is one of my favorites because the use of line, color, and contrast not only attracts readers but it also faithfully represents the brand and its collection.

The lines here are apparent; the horizon line is obvious and prominent and as I’ve learned in class, horizon lines represent smoothness and calm. It lends to the feeling that these models are just taking a leisurely, Sunday afternoon bike stroll and couldn’t have another care in the world. The diagonal lines of the bike represent motion while the curved lines of the bike wheels represent grace. The gestural lines the models make – bent knees, thrown arms, and curved smiles – are dynamic and give the composition a “captured in the moment” kind of feeling. The horizon line grounds these moving models and adds to the message that this bit of air – happiness, movement, youth – is present on earth.

Air is also represented in the colors of the composition with the color blue. Blue is a cool color and gives a calm, fresh, stable feeling. With the white, the blue becomes more vibrant, more youthful. These colors are also perfect for a spring/summer collection because you want clothing to be light and fun for these seasons.

Contrast can be seen in the different hues of blues on the clothing against the light blue of the sky.  Also, the bikes are a stark black, really outlining the difference between the clothing and the background. In this way, the clothes can stand out and not blend into the background. What little text is in the ad is also contrasted with black text against the light-colored scenery.

Everything just works together so well in this ad. The beautiful, classic Lacoste clothing is not only showcased; it is highlighted and enhanced by the ad. Minimalist text leaves the composition feeling uncluttered and simple which mirrors the brand’s clothing as well. Because of the energetic models, the bold but light colors, and the clean composition, readers are left with a simple, refreshing message that perhaps this brand can bring a bit of air on earth.

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