City Appreciation Post: Melbourne (Australia)

View from the Yarra

If I had a list of top ten favorite cities I’ve visited so far, Melbourne would be number one. If anyone ever tells you that cities are the same no matter where you go, they’re totally wrong and are obviously city-haters. Though cities everywhere may have similar aspects, the feeling you get from each city is always different. To me at least, Melbourne is subtle, calm, and patient while another city like New York is hurried, spontaneous, and sleepless.

Melbourne is uncomplicated. There’s barely any traffic, the trams and trains are easy to navigate, and the metro area only has a population of about 4 million (compared to NYC’s nearly 20 million). There’s always something to do in Melbourne from museum crawling, watching the footy or cricket or tennis, seeing live music, shopping, eating; anything you can think of Melbourne will have it. My only complaint would have to be that nearly everything closes early which is very odd for a city but things in Australia generally close around 5 although some shops in the CBD do open until later.

From the year I lived as an exchange student in Australia, I went to Melbourne almost every weekend. My host city was two hours north of Melbourne but luckily, I could easily take the V-line into the city. I would stay over at a friend’s house and we would just wander around and always find something new and exciting.

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